Common Name: Limpkin
Scientific Name: Aramus guarauna
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Order: Gruiformes
Family: Aramidae
Genus: Aramus
Species: A. guarauna free html hit counter
The Limpkin has a Long neck and a long bill. Like all members of gruiformes they have long legs. The bird is brown with white spots. Its size is 64-73 cm (25-29 in). The wings span 101-107 cm (40-42 in), and it weighs 900-1300 g (31.77-45.89 ounces). Aramus guarauna is found near fresh swamps and marshes. In Florida, it is found in open freshwater marshes, along the shores of ponds and lakes, and in wooded swamps along rivers and near springs. Throughout most of its tropical range, its habitat and distribution are dictated by the presence of apple snails. (Peterson, 1999) There are proximately 1.3 million in the world. The limpkin population is growing. There role in the food web is to eat fish that live in a swampy terrain. The limpkins are not the kind of animal that fights over food. They do not compete with anyone for food. The limpkin has no natural predator and This animal evades being eaten by using camouflage. The thing that caught my attention was that this bird was a California bird and it likes to eat snails and that it has like no predators. I learned that this Animal is a fantastic animal.
Author: Jeremy B
Published: 02/2007
Bibliography “answers” 30 January 2007