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Most people say and think that sharks are all classified as one thing, as a shark. But really they are all different things. There are actually hundreds of species of sharks in the ocean. The specie ill be talking about is the squaliforme species, but specifically talking about the Dogfish Shark. This species has a’ lot of small sharks in it. Also these shark’s live at great depth’s of the sea. Dogfish sharks diet contains of bony fish, cephalopods, and other farely small sea critters. These sharks also eat certain varitie’s of shark’s, like the little tiger shark. Dogfish sharks have 1 up to 22 sharks per litter (shark days). Dogfish sharks are some of the rarest sharks you would ever find, there not like the kind that you would find when you go scuba diving. They are the most hunted sharks in the sea. The difference from all the shark’s are there two dorsal fins and there skin.
Author: Cameron W
Published: 10/2008
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Photo Credit: http://www.radionetherlands.nl/images/assets/12997389