Common Name: Monterey Flatworm
Scientific Name: Pseudoceros montereyensis
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Platyhelminthes
Class: Turbellaria
Order: Polycladida
Family: Pseudoceritidae
Genus: Pseudoceros
Species: P. montereyensis free html hit counter
Pseudoceros Montereyensis are a type of flatworm; In fact they are a Poly-clad flat worm. P. Montereyensis is a free-living, not parasitic species of Flatworms. It belongs to the Class Turbellaria which contains free-living Flatworms with about 3,000 described species. P. Montereyensis is a simple, gut-less small worms. The movement of this flatworm is controlled by layers of muscle. This Flatworm is less developed than segmented worms, because it doesn't have a circulatory system or a complete digestive system. It absorbs nutrients through its skin, and gets rid of waste by using "flame cells. Some Polyclad flatworms have light sensitive "eyes" that they can use to move toward or away from light. Flatworms are amazing creatures and are way different than segmented worms.
Author: By: Gabe S
Published: 02/2008
Photo Credit: George W. Robinson © California Academy of Sciences