Common Name: Venus' Flower Basket
Scientific Name: Euplectella aspergillum
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Porifera
Class: Hexactenellida
Order: Hexasterophora
Family: Euplectellidae
Genus: Euplectella
Species: E. aspergillumfree html hit counter
The height of Euplectella aspergillum ranges from 7.5cm to 1m. Many are found at a size between 10cm and 30cm tall. The skeleton is made from a glass like substance and that is where it gets its name “Glass sponge”, it is also as fragile as glass. There is a net like substance that surrounds the sponge. This net is made of living tissue. This net is called a trabecular net made from fusion of amoeboid cells.
The sponge is found in the rocky parts of the ocean. It is found in the depths of the ocean 100m to 1000m. The most common depth is 500m. The sponges reproduce asexually. Some sponges have two sexes they produce male and female gametes. The sperm enters through the inhalant current and fertilize the ova.
The sponge is found down deep, and so it is not very active. The sponge filters water for food. Venus' Flower Basket is usually found in the western Pacific Ocean near the Philippians Island.
Author: Anderson T
Published: 2/20/08
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