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The zoo project is a way to preserve our student's work. Each year in Life Science the students research and document a specific animal. In the past these report would be handed back and never seen again. Our Virtual Zoo preserves that work and builds a relational shell to add context to each animal. Our virtual Zoo is becoming a resource to help our student understand how animals are classified. We hope it is helpful to anyone that is interested in animals.

Major Contributors:

Mr. Scholz created the concept and pushed to make the virtual zoo a reality. While the idea of a taxonomy site is not new, it is unheard of at the middle school level. Mr. Scholz has made a monument to Pioneer Middle School's spirit of innovation and rigorous curriculum.

Mrs. Vaughn has contributed to the virtual zoo by selecting animals to by added and gathering and editing over one hundred of the student reports.

Mrs. Zinsmeyer developed the animal reports that are the focus of the virtual zoo. Her organization and ablity to adapt was key to making the virtual zoo a meaningful resource.

Mr Cowen was the work horse to get all the reports into an electronic format. He also educated our students in copyright law, in regards to the photos used and work cited.

Mrs. Unruh as webmaster for Pioneer has helped polish our zoo in to a thing of beauty. Her suggestions and technical advice are invaluable.